Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Under One Sky: An Interfaith Documentary

Alison Boland, a film graduate student at the University of Texas, made a short documentary entitled “Under One Sky” about the Austin-based group Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT)
The film shows two different iACT programs: the Hands on Housing home repair program and the Red Bench Interfaith Conversation series.  The film includes interviews with several faith leaders who are active in iACT.  Tom Davis, the Public Information Officer of Live Oak Local Council, is one of those leaders.
A note from Tom:
"Several members of Live Oak are active in iACT. Our involvement has done a lot to help the people of Austin’s faith communities understand that Wiccans are also people of faith – just a different faith."

The 11-minute film can be viewed on-line at
For more information contact Tom Davis:

Shared on AIR by our PIO (Public Information Officer) Miraselena, Posted to blog by National Interfaith Representative Michelle Mueller

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