Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CoG Interfaith Rep meeting w/ Mayan leader, pt. 3 – Wednesday (Nuestra Aventura en Guatemala, Dias Tres – Miercoles)

Today was a long day, but short on activity.

Upon waking Greg discovered, to his dismay, that it was not the frijoles that were keeping him regular, but a bit of vengaza Montezuma – Montezuma’s revenge.  He barely even drank his coffee!  We discussed plans and decided that I could go without him if Wilma was going, to translate.

During breakfast we got a call on the new cell phone and Wilma said “we will be there in 45 minutes.”

We in this case meant her and Kukumatz.  Alas, Tata was still ill and could not attend.  Wilma was very sorry, and so was I, though Greg was happy enough to not miss any helping and be able to Pepto Bismol his way to happiness.  Wilma reported that Tata had said that if he is not well by tomorrow, she would take over and we’d go to a different sacred place for her ceremony.  I must say that this was not too great a disappointment as Wilma assists Tata in all he does and has a powerful presence herself, a tremendous kindness, and a natural connection with us.

Greg worked on getting better while I wrote the report I posted this morning.  He was fine by lunch.  We ate at a spot across the very busy street from the hotel where a very sullen woman took out orders, which were delicious.

We are relatively isolated at the hotel.  There are no businesses within walking distance except those catering to truckers.  Downtown Chimaltenango is a relatively pricey taxi ride away.  With rain threatening , we spent the afternoon chatting and watching movies on English language TV — Gladiator and 1408, a horror story.  The rains finally came – a deluge, though short in duration.  We also planned our day off – Friday – on which we plan to go to the town of Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.  (BTW, I forgot to mention that when we were able to do a bit of walking around, we were surprised to discover the local corn growing over 12 feet tall!)
6'2" Greg next to local corn (Yes, it's that tall even without the wall.)
Long day, short report, more tomorrow.  Now to find a place to observe the Full Moon…

Blessed Be,
Don Frew (with the gradually more energetic assistance of Greg Stafford)
CoG National Interfaith Representative

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