Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still down under for interfaith - MM

Michelle Mueller

I was in New Zealand for one week after the Parliament of the World’s Religions. I got to see a peace (nativity) labyrinth my last night in town as it was opening night.

I am in Sydney now and leave on Tuesday. Glenys Livingstone, whom I met at the Parliament, invited me to a summer solstice ritual last night. When I get home, I get to celebrate the winter solstice with Proteus Coven. Culture/climate shock.

I attended church at St. Andrews Cathedral for cultural experience. The worship service was a Christmas musical celebration. It felt early to sing Christmas songs. I have maintained the tradition of attending Christmas Eve services with my family to honor singing Christmas songs didn’t feel unusual, singing them on Dec. 20 did.

I am in the Central Business District of Syndey. There is a Theosophical lodge and bookstore around the corner from my hostel. The lending library is open Tuesday morning, in time for me to visit.

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