Monday, April 19, 2010

UU historical sites - Michelle Mueller

I went to Murray Grove this weekend on a retreat with Unitarian Universalist high school students (for my job as Director of Religious Education). It is a retreat center in the shore area of NJ, where Universalist Rev. John Murray gave his first sermon. Murray Grove is the home of many UU gatherings, a monthly drumming circle, and other spiritual meetings.

I spent the last weekend in March in Boston on a different trip. We toured the Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters and met with a young adult program director. There is an interfaith training in August coming up I am promoting to youth at the church.

I'll be visiting a Hindu temple this Saturday with UU middle school students.

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  1. Rev. John Murray was a Unitarian minister in England, after his wife and children died there, and he was run out of England for his liberal beliefs in a loving God, he planned to loose himself in the wilderness of the New World. Instead he found a farmer who build this church but had no minister. After promising to stay and preach, if the wind didn't change direction, he gave the first American Unitarian sermon there.

    ....I also dabbled in RE at my congregation...