Thursday, June 20, 2013

Resource from US Government: response to gunmen in houses of worship

I just think it is excellent news that our federal government (USA) has addressed the issue of shooters and violence in religious settings. How can we best prepare ourselves and our community for the possibility of violence in sacred space? What do we need to know? -M. Mueller

From Parliament of the World's Religions blog....

Run, Hide, or Fight

First U.S. Government Guide Released For Confronting Gunmen in Houses of Worship

June 20, 2013

On Tuesday, U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden announced thegovernment's first guidebook instructing faith congregations to prepare for an armed shooter situation.  Speaking at an emergency preparedness event on gun violence, Biden detailed the 38-page document's purpose in response to the recent rash of gun tragedies in school and faith settings.  The "Guide for Developing High Quality Emergency Operation Plans for Houses of Worship" outlines strategies to appoint and train congregation members on: 

  • assigning congregation members to assess immediate threats,
  • determining the best places for shelter and useful hiding spots
  • identifying who should run, who should hide, and who should fight back
  • planning effective evacuations in the event of an armed gun attack
  • depicting "scenarios" and considering response options in advance 
  • developing survivor mindset to increase the odds of surviving
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