Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pagans Taking Part in Memorials for Boston

Who knows when a spontaneous, or even a planned, memorial for victims of catastrophe may arise, and where?  Weavers Local Council member Jennifer Bennett found herself in just such a situation, and here is her experience:  

Just thought I'd pipe up about "representing" at my local Franklin County, Massachusetts interfaith memorial.

There was a very impromptu service at the monthly Interfaith Council of Franklin County meeting on Thursday, April 18.  Interfaith banners and prayer flags were draped on the table in the meeting room and candles were lit for the (then) three victims and one for humanity.  Clergy attending offered two or three readings along with a couple of personal observations on tragedy and how to cope with it.  I had nothing prepared but I was moved to recite the lyrics from "Old Woman, Weave and Mend..." (I couldn't sing it or I would start sobbing).  There was a very thoughtful silence after my reading.

After the meeting, I was approached in the parking lot by someone from the group who thought she might know the song (she’s a local “walking song book”!).  She did; and so, joined by her and my other interfaith Pagan colleague, MaryColleen MacDougal, we circled in the parking lot, three women, and sang it into the night….watched by the soft white statue of the Virgin Mary in her rose garden, lovingly planted and tended by the priest of the hosting church, Our Lady of Peace.
I'm glad that Jennifer was moved to participate in this way and showed care and compassion in doing so.  Perhaps others have had, or will have, similar experiences.

In service to Coventina,
Aline "Macha" O'Brien and Jennifer Bennett

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