Friday, May 11, 2012

Women & Mythology Conference

I am at Women & Mythology Conference at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. M. Matcha NightMare and Faelind (Linda)...all the way from Dallas...are here as well. Judy Grahn is speaking on the direction of women and myth studies at the moment, being sure to include transgender people and non birthing women in her talk. People are enthusiastic to hear about the Covenant of the Goddess and what CoG is doing. I spoke with a mystic Christian woman last night interested in starting a feminist Christian women's ministry around Sophia concept. She was curious about CoG structures and practices, which I described. Blessings, Michelle Mueller

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  1. Hi Michelle -- Operating on the small-world theory, you might run into a friend of mine, Amejo Amyot. She's a sculptor, among many things, and is presenting a paper on images of the Goddess. She's also Wiccan, something I didn't know until this last visit.

    Zita Christian