Friday, April 8, 2011

Catherine Star- CoG's National Interfaith Rep in Canada

Here is a message from Catherine Star - who is CoG's National Interfaith Representative in Canada:


It has been a while since I let people know what I was doing in regards to Interfaith work. Here are three highlights:

1. I was asked to continue as the Coordinator for the Campus Chaplains Association at the University of Toronto for the 2011/2012 school year. This will be my fourth year in this position. I was pleasantly surprised this year when there was no discussion at all and was acclaimed in unanimously by the group of 20 chaplains who were able to attend the meeting. Currently, we have over 30 chaplains representing various religious, spiritual, and ethical backgrounds -- including our first Humanist chaplains. Here is a link to our website (which I noticed needs updating as we are missing a couple people and my name is misspelled!):

I will start working on the annual report of the CCA and make it available to CoG once it is completed. It will list all the things the CCA has done over the past school year.

2. I will do a talk on representing Pagan traditions in interfaith settings at the Mystic Roots conference in London, Ontario this weekend.

3. I have been asked to co-moderate a discussion on spirituality and ecology at the People's Assembly on Climate Justice. Here is a link to the event:

Anyway, I am happy to share these events and look forward to participating in more. If you have any questions about the work I have been doing here in Toronto, please let me know!



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