Friday, January 22, 2010

Michelle Mueller, reflections on Unitarian Universalist ministry

I felt disappointed that I can't attend more interfaith events because of my work schedule, like the upcoming Interfaith Understanding Conference in Rochester, NY I brainstormed what kinds of interfaith engagement I can do from home. I thought about what I can do by educating at Cherry Hill Seminary and then the work I do at the Unitarian Universalist church.

Right now our middle school group uses Neighboring Faiths, a UU curriculum that helps young people learn about religious traditions and even visit other worship sites. I am responsible for setting up the site visits for this class. So far the group has been to a Greek Orthodox church, and I am planning more trips. The Greek Orthodox youth leader said they would be interested in visiting out church next. I can set up more site visits and get to know other local religious leaders in the process.

This does not sound bad after all, and I will keep the Covenant posted on our site visits.

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  1. The UU has some great curriculum for kids...I used to teach UU sunday school!